EPP software

UPDATE: 05th June 2019

Aaron from Acorndomains is now kindly developing an EPP script

Free Nominet Right Of Registration EPP Software by Aaron Clifford


When asked if Nominet can provide or recommend any EPP software….

Nominet responded:

Sorry but we cannot recommend any specific supplier and we can’t provide EPP ourselves. There is a selection of client EPP software already available for registrars to choose from.

However no existing Noiminet EPP software can do the following:

  1. Restrict create requests to 6, 9, 60 or 150 requests per minute
  2. Connect to a different server: ror-epp.nominet.org.uk
  3. Time sync with the new Nominet EPP server at 14:00 using NTP
  4. Reconnect after one minute if requests are blocked
  5. Try up to 6 EPP connections asynchronously

We can only find the following open source EPP software online:

Creating a Nominet-Compatible EPP Client – by Jon Cook
(Last updated November 2015)

Net::EPP::Registry::Nominet – by Pete Houston
(Last updated November 2015)

Nominet EPP API – by First DNS Ltd
(Last updated April 2013)