Remaining ROR

The list of available .uk rights is available to download by Nominet members.

This list will be updated on a weekly basis until the end of the rights period.

The final release list will  be published on the 26th  June. ​

The release schedule is as follows: 

Batch 1: Domains beginning 0-9, a-b 

Batch 2: Domains beginning c-f  

Batch 3: Domains beginning g-m 

Batch 4: Domains beginning n-s  

Batch 5: Domains beginning t-z  

Domains that are released in batches 1-5 (1st – 5th July) will become generally available through the standard .UK  EPP connection one week later (8th – 12th July) at or after 14.00 BST. Batch 2 on 9th July, batch 3 on  10th July etc . 

Full details including FAQ can be found on the Nominet website here.